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Are you used to getting all the necessary information from the Internet? There is no need to betray your habits. Spread your loyalty to television as well. Embrace the opportunities of television on the Internet. This is a new generation service that unites the advantages of Internet technologies and the joy of entertainment provided by regular TV.

TV online: growing at a fast pace

The service is not as novice as it might sound. Emergence Internet TV dates back to the late 1990s when it was developing and improving along with data transmission technologies. The ABC World News show was among its pioneers. But gradually all the key players of the media market have started production and distribution of content intended specifically for TV online. Its coverage has been growing dramatically during the last few years. For instance, by 2017 already over 55% of American households subscribed to television on the Internet, compared to 31% in 2012.

Polish television online: stay tuned into the life of your Homeland

For a large number of people, television on the Internet is one of only a few ways to stay connected with their Homeland. As it is in case of the Polish television online, since many Poles have been recently leaving Poland for education or employment abroad. For one, more than 400,000 Polish emigrants settle in Germany each year, which is the second largest destination for their immigration among the EU countries after the UK. In this case, Polish television in Germany via the Internet plays a significant role for them to be able to follow current life of contemporary Poland, protect cultural heritage and language from abandoning, raise their children with respect to the Polish traditions.

TV online content: divide and rule

PolBox.TV is one of the key providers for television Polish online around the globe. The company offers 24/7 access to 100+ Polish TV online channels, as well as 3000+ HD movies in the Polish language. On one hand, the content is considerably diversified. On the other, the software allows defining exactly what various audiences can watch. So your kids are protected from undesired content (by parental control), and you are provided with an instrument to adjust your TV routine.

Travel in time and space with internet TV

Polish television in Germany via the Internet works almost like teleportation. It represents the opportunity to make a quick journey to Poland, still physically remaining miles away from the Homeland. The journey that can be performed at any place: your home, car, or even by the seaside. Streaming provided by PolBox.TV works perfectly fine at any device connected to the Internet, whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, a PC or a traditional TV set, and even if the connection is rather slow.

See PolBox.TV offers to assure your future full of entertainment

Watch Polish television online at any time available in your tight schedule. Broadcasts are kept in the archive during the next 14 days since the air date. So the streaming is easily adapted to your lifestyle. Along with that, members of the family can simultaneously watch different channels of Polish TV via the Internet. So there will be no place for arguments over the remote control. Hence, Internet TV is a new civilized, optimized, affordable and user-friendly way to embrace TV entertainment, which is about to replace other forms of TV streaming at the market.

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