Theater art in Belarus

In a peaceful and joyful, fun and dramatic atmosphere, provides an opportunity pass the evening, developed life in Belarus. You are given preference to listen to classical music popular composers of the Minsk Philharmonic or, if desired, to go to one of the many museums in the country.

Theatrical art in Belarus dates back to the Middle Ages, at a time when the first puppet theaters appeared in the mansions of princes. Such theaters became very popular, and their team traveled from the estate to the estate with their concerts.

Initial staged puppet shows depicted the manner of life of simple-minded people and their worship of God. Theaters have become stationary, thanks to the appearance of plays that people have staged, enhancing their diversity with the themes on what works were spelled out. For every aristocratic family, at that time, it was considered very prestigious to maintain a theater.

From generation to generation, love was transmitted to the theaters, thus, Belarusian theaters can be found in any city. There are plays that are spelled out by current Belarusian writers-playwrights. And also continue to put historical plays, which were written at different times of the history of Belarus. Amateur and Art Theaters function in the republic, and if you are a seeker of new faces and modernist scenes, sets and costumes, you have the opportunity become a contemplative in a not so vain atmosphere.

The most famous theaters in Minsk are the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Maxim Gorky Theater and the Yanka Kupala Theater. The first one can boast the best orchestra, vocal and dance troupes in Belarus, who traveled around the world and have great success in every performance.

Everyone knows that the Russian ballet school is very appreciated all over the world, as well as the Belarusian ballet dancers, showing grace, enchantment and ruthless struggle with their mental and physical abilities.

They successfully introduced into the repertoire and performances of new ideas, and many novels are adapted to the scene. Each comedy and drama that plays in popular theaters of Belarus makes you wonder, so the evening spent at the theater will not be just entertainment. To draw the viewer’s attention to tolerance, honesty and sincerity — this is the goal of any Belarusian theater.

Your evening will not go in vain if you choose the famous theatres in Minsk that we have presented on this page to supplement and expand your mental abilities of the mind and mental impulse.

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